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Face-to-face lectures

Face-to-face lectures return

SIL conducts, monthly, Lecture I - Low Voltage Electrical Conductors in São Paulo.

The lecture is aimed at consumers and professionals in the electrical field, among them, electricians, installers of electrical and lighting materials, as well as shop assistants, sales promoters, among others.


They take place at the SENAI the SENAI School - Orlando Laviero Ferraiuolo, in partnership with ENEL. Your participation is free and you still receive a Certificate of Participation.

Write down the location and date of the event in your calendar and get connected!

To participate, take 1kg of non-perishable food that will be donated.


Look forward to SIL lectures scheduled for 2020. Stay tuned..

How to get

The SENAI School - Orlando Laviero Ferraiuolo - is located at Rua Padre Antônio de Sá, 333 - Tatuapé, São Paulo - SP.

Mapa treinamento

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Content of the lectures

Lecture I - Low Voltage Electric Drivers

• Raw material of drivers;

• Reform of an old installation;

• Difference between wire, cable and flexible cable;

• Nominal section;

• Electrical resistance of conductors;

• Isolation and coverage;

• Standard NBR 5410 - Low voltage electrical installations;

• Circuit protection;

• Electric loss by Joule effect;

• Degrit products.

Lecture II - Electrical Installations

• Standard input;

• Switchboard;

• Circuit-taking and lighting;

• Installation Division;

• Protection: Circuit breaker, DR and DPS;

• Conduits and connections;

• Earth and Neutral conductor;

• Grounding;

• Maintenance of electrical installation;

• Dimensioning of cables;

• Voltage drop.


Check out our lecture apostilles and do not be in doubt about the electrical installations.

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